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  Benefits of Eating Raw Onions

 Do you know why satay is always accompanied by raw cucumber &
onions?  Barbecued meat promotes cancer.  Raw cucumber & onions
are antioxidants.  So when we eat satay, make sure we eat plenty of
the raw cucumber and onions to counteract the effect.  
Actually the kampong people are smart but it just that they do not know
how to explain.  They just say must eat and we rebel because we don't
like to eat.
Benefits of Eating Raw Onions
Well, it is surprising to know that these vegetables that we use to add flavour and aroma to the dish have many health benefits. If eaten raw, onion and garlic can be really good for the body. Raw onions have sulphur compounds and essential vitamins that can be best consumed raw. If cooked, the essential nutrients and vitamins get lost. So, if you love onion salad, here are few good reasons to have it regularly.
Health benefits of eating raw onions:
Cures constipation:
The fibre in raw onions help flush out toxins and hard food particles that get stuck in the intestines. If you are suffering from constipation, have raw onions.
An Ayurveda medicine for sore throat:
If you are suffering from cold, cough and a sore throat, have fresh onion juice. Add jaggery or honey to the onion juice.
Remedy for bleeding problems:
Have a bleeding nose or suffer from piles? Have raw onions. It is one simple and effective home remedy to cure piles naturally. To cure a bleeding nose, cut a raw onion and smell it for some time. The white onions can help cure bleeding problems.
Controls diabetes:
This is one of the health benefits of eating raw onions. If consumed raw, onions increase the production of insulin. So, if you are diabetic, you have a good reason to munch crisp raw onion salad regularly.
Protects the heart:
Regular consumption of raw onion protects the heart from coronary diseases. It control high blood pressure and also opens blocked arteries. This is one of the known health benefits of eating raw onions.
Controls cholesterol levels:
The small herbaceous plant vegetable has a very good health benefit for obese people and heart patients. Raw onions control cholesterol by reducing the bad cholesterol (LDL) levels. It has methylallyl sulphide as well as the sulphur-containing amino-acids that lowers bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol (HDL) levels.
Prevents growth of cancer cells:
Onion is rich in sulphur compounds. Sulphur protects the body from stomach, colon, breast, lung and prostate cancer and prevents the growth of cancer cells. It also helps cure urinary tract disorders.
Treats anaemia:
We often see tears flowing from the eyes while chopping onions. The sulphur-containing oils and organic sulphides lead to tears once it enters the nostrils. These oils help treat anaemia. Note that the oils and the effect of organic sulphides reduce when the onions are cooked. So, to treat anaemia, have raw onions. These are few health benefits of eating raw onions. You can have raw onions in sandwiches, mix with your vegetable salad or use as toppings for hamburgers and chaats. To prevent the strong and pungent mouth odour of raw onions, brush your teeth and have some mouth fresheners like cardamom or clove.
An Apple a day keeps the doctor away
 An onion a day keeps everybody away( because of its foul smell?)

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